Friday, May 27, 2011

27/ 27

Im now 27. That is thrice my age when I was in 3rd grade, men. Algebra lang. haha.

A boo? Or a yey? Either way, I just wanna thank everybody who remembered. Kudos to Facebook birthday reminder. Good job, as of 2203h 5/27, I got 155 wall posts, a few more PMs and SMSs.
First, lemme thank God, yes God, for being always patient with me. Sure is a tough year and imma ready for more. Bring ‘em on, I aint no laggard.

*teka nga bat ba im talking like a nigga?*

Seryoso, salamat po to family and friends for hanging around. Life is sweeter with you guys. So many things to be thankful for: everyday is such a gift. Good times. Bad times (na-ah, im not singing that Luther Vandross', harhar).

I will embrace them all.

Yay, I am getting melodramatic. Sign of ageing. Pagbigyan. From now on ang motto ko na sa buhay ay: ‘Thou shall not count’ (..your years). Thanks again ebribadi. And uh-oh, I can now categorize myself to the late twenty-ishes group. Reality bites. Lol.

lablablab. keykporyu. muuuunch.

(becky's cake)


  1. Happy Birthday and I guess your right we better stop counting are age but rather count the blessing and enjoy the moment of life.. life is good:)

    Yummy chocolate cake...can I have a slice of it:)

  2. sure. hehe. thanks for the greet.