Friday, October 15, 2010

buhay bacteria

I have always been amazed by the dynamics of a bacterium's life .
Small in size as they are yet their organization in structure is really outstanding,
their diversity of color and shapes, their simplicity, their complexity.

Their life cycle is summarized into:

1- Lag Phase wherein they do not grow yet but they produce certain substances like proteins that they will be needing to supply during this adjustment stage;

2- Log Phase wherein they multiply exponentially and can generate double their population over time through binary fission;

3- Stationary Phase wherein there is now a decline in bacterial growth due to accumulation of waste and inavailability of space;

4- Death Phase wherein the bacteria eventually can not reproduce and therefore reach their death.

*****life is simple. life is complex.*****
we all have phases and will eventually reach
our death. it is for us to enjoy life's colors,
its vibrancy. be efficient like a bacterium and beware
in choosing our cause, for we can
either be a gift or a curse.
it's our call.

*credit to the photos' owners

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