Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catching my Flight to Atlanta

10.23.2010. What am I babbling about? Nope-- it’s not Atlanta as in Atlanta but, Atlanta (Center) as in the one in Annapolis (St.), the building just at the backdoor of Greenhills Shopping Center. I have been pre-setting this visit to this one great radio booth this weekend but nature seems to be working against plan, with a promise of one raging Katring anytime soon that night. Nonetheless, with that innate randomness in me, I chose to move on with the flight amidst the pouring rain and thank God I did!

[ps: Almighty, thanks also for intervening by putting the rain showers to a halt=)]

Cutting short the pity on me, I finally had the chance to meet and greet some DJs and in-house people of iFM Manila 93.9 (RMN). The experience was really a blast, not to mention the opportunity for me to sit on the DJs chair plus try the headset myself like whoah (hehe). Hands-up to Kuya Jobert for being ever accommodating (none that I expect to be treated that well). Thanks to DJ Yumi (sigarilyas at mani), Sir Jay (bossing Jobert's 10pm partner), Sir Byron (Rex K., Kamote Club) and to the other people there whom I get to chit-chat with off-air.

So to my new fave guys in iFM: cheers, luck lots and God bless you all talented people sharing your wit and humor to the Filipino radio listeners. Mabuhay ang Radyong Pilipino!

Hope to visit you the soonest!

*Sa likod ng magagandang mga boses ay ang mga mabubuting taong naghahangad na magpaligaya ng kapwa Pinoy. Hindi matatawaran ang kontribusyon niyo sa Pinoy Entertainment. Naniniwala akong ang good vibes ay pwede lang ding magmula sa mga taong may natural na taglay na good vibes!

*Sa iFM, siguradong enjoy ka! (btw,they’re on live streaming too so check ‘ em out)

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