Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quickie Commuter’s Guide: Galera 101

Yey. It’s Summer. And for the South people, the quickest route off for some steamy treat to the beach is Galera. Puerto Galera has been a staple summer escape and yes, the island still boasts a good fix.

For those backpackers who would like to thrive for a trip treat, here’s a simple commuters’ guide:

1) Ride a southbound bus and drop off to Turbina (a channel-like terminal point connecting Laguna, Batangas and routes to Lucena/ Quezon).

2) Buses going to Batangas Ports abound there. Fare approximates at 100Ps or less.

3) In the port, one can actually choose from boatride-to-Galera packages (Ps500, 2-way, open ticket). You just have to add Ps80 for the one-time-pay terminal fee.

2Go also offers big boat trips to Caticlan/ Kalibo if you want a detour to Bora (Ps 499, one-way, not bad) and other not-so-neighboring coasts!

Note1: Don’t buy items from the terminal for they are way too costly (e.g., 5Gallon Water Ps200). Hardsellers would try to convince you that drinking water (and other foodstuff) in the island is scarce and therefore, expensive. So not true. Everything you want is available there and is relatively affordable. You just have to scan the array of kiosks for better value. There are a lot of food stalls, too, including yes, an in-store, Shakeeeey’s!

Note2: During the ride, mints can really be great buddies to ease motion sickness. It’s a 1.5hr boat travel. The waves can really be naggers at times. For the not-so-tolerant ones, bring in some barf bags. ;-/

4) Upon arrival to the island, just confirm with the agent when is your boatride back so as to save the spots.

You can choose from a roster of accommodations. Just coordinate/ book in advance to assure a seamless stay. I recommend ‘Summer Connections’, located at the relatively right-rear-side part to those who prefer a ‘calm-less-crowded-minus-the-party-rock’ mood.

Trivia: Sunblocks are major must-haves. We are very familiar that sunblocks are tagged with Sun Protection Factor or SPF. Let’s do some math. If the label brags a 60-SPF, just multiply it by 10 (you get 600). This means, you have an approximate 600 minutes (or 10 hours) to sulk under the scorching heat before one needs to re-apply. I would assume one application of SPF60 would be enough for a whole-day sun date.

5) Activities like snorkeling, island hops, banana boat rides, scuba dives, sand massages among others are offered left and right. Just choose what fits you best.

6) Have fun under the sun in the morn or at night time, you can lie under the moonlit sky and traverse your eyes with the infinite universe. Chos!

--hakuna matata--

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