Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Time

It suddenly hit me.  When faced with the query, what four factors affect bacterial growth, my mind began the process of elimination: select what I think the best answers are.  The difficult part is to decide on which amongst the roster belong to the topmost four.  It’s like an American Idol episode of whose out and I have to expel my Skylar Laines¹.

According to Campbell, bacterial growth is generally affected by temperature (heat), moisture (O2 levels), pH (acidity), salt concentration, source of nutrients among others.  There was no mention of time.  At least for that Campbell (book page) that I got a quick peek. But nevertheless, time is a universal factor.  It is something automatic. Say default.  And it shall belong to that pedestal.

 I backtracked.  From what I can remember, almost all exams where I am tasked to enumerate the factor(s) affecting something (algal bloom, osmotic rate, growth, decline, etc), time is one mechanical answer that never fails to render me a point. 
I just had this thought how powerful time can be that its continuum somehow (or strongly) dictates the fate of things—living or non-living, tangible or intangible ones, like emotions: love and hatred. 

Time heals, literally, figuratively. 

It heals wounds.  It heals souls.

Define irony for time can also break hearts and signal death.

Through time, cells divide and grow then eventually die. 

Flowers bloom and wither.

People love then expire. 

Bacteria multiply exponentially but through time will lag because of unavailability of space. 

According to Malthus, come the time when population rapidly increase and food becomes scarce, existence is countered by diseases and drought.  Demise.

Time. Time.  Time.

Time either grows something or depletes it. In between, it is so powerful that it can also impose dormancy.

Remember Timberlake’s movie when people have to buy time just to survive. Everyone competes hoping to spare some decency to the remaining days of survival.

Time, says an adage, is a great equalizer.

 For me, time (or the lack thereof) is but one great dimension we will forever be enslaved in. 

Time lost is time you will never ever get back. Never.  Ever.

 'But if you're lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time.' 2

¹ Skylar Laine, American Idol 11, eliminated during the vie for the top four posts.
2  A famous 80's song.

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