Saturday, March 13, 2010


Several friends of mine have been persistently persuading me to stop my habitual drinking of cola beverages, particurlarly Coke. Ever since I was a child, this cola has been my all-time favorite drink. My gradeschool ‘baon’ was usually spent on softdrinks during the class breaks. I remember one summer before entering high school when I was rushed to the hospital early morn due to severe vomitting. Believe me, the incident freaked my parents. I was diagnosed to have acute gastritis, perhaps due to excessive cola intake. I was frightened but after a week, I got back to my old habit.

If there would be any difference between my grade school and high school years, I may say, that would be the amount of my daily cola intake. It dramatically increased. I could spend all my “baon’ for softdrinks alone. I used to hate eating breakfast and so come recess time, this cola was the one who greeted my already acidic-natured tummy. I was usually teased then to be a ‘coke addict’, and I admit it. Coke is my first choice, Pepsi second and Mountain Dew ranks third.

Being in college is no diffrent. After my classes, my body automatically goes to the nearest kiosk to have a splurge on this addiction. Each time, I visit the library I have my Coke can with me (accompany me, perhaps). In restos or convenience stores, I usually order the largest size available (Biggie/Go Large/Bigtime). I see my friends really worried about me since they are able to witness my ‘addiction’. To stop these classmates from bugging me, I would buy foods for them to keep them shut as I get a sip of my beverage. If you are to give me a cola drink without its label, confidently I can tell whether it’s Coke or not (talent, huh).

I would like to believe that I am not the heaviest cola drinker in this world. Relatively, I may say that I am only a little above-averaged drinker than the others. I consume an approximate range of 24-30 ounces a day. I have already heard of all those odd and eerie stories due to drinking cola, especially those posted on the net. I usually get afraid but still, I can’t stop this habit.

What really worries me is the word addiction. According to Encarta Encyclopedia, addiction refers to the “…habitual repetition of excessive behavior that a person is unable or unwilling to stop, despite its harmful consequences.” I am really bothered with this because there are instances that even if I am not thirsty, but since my circadian clock tells me that it’s time for one, I can’t fight the urge so I’ll buy one. If I see a liter of cola bottle in the fridge, I end up consuming all the contents.

Colas are really refreshing yet they can be too addictive. Coca-cola got its name from the extracts used for its base: cola nuts and kola leaves. A pharmacist who pioneered patent medicine in Georgia commenced its production. The initial motive was for the cola to have medicinal value. Addiction to colas can be traced due to its caffeine-containing nature, which is considered a stimulant. Caffeine increases the blood pressure, stimulates the central nervous system, promotes urine formation, and stimulates the action of the heart and lungs. On the contrary, caffeine is really useful in proper amounts. It can be used in treating migraine because it constricts the dilated blood vessels resulting to pain-relieving action.

I can’t stop drinking Coke. But I can perhaps incremently lower the intake until my body gets adapted again. I really appreciate all those people who are worried about me. Drinking it can really be refreshing but still I have to consider its long-term effects. I may enjoy it now but sooner, there is a chance that I can suffer from more serious illness. It’s a cliché but the adage ‘everything in excessive is harmful’ might work for me and for you as well if you are suffering from the same symptoms. Friends, your efforts have paid off. Other proofs are to follow (hopefully!).

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